<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/79/30/16/19/210415035242.jpg?t=1634951148"><br>Welcome to the beautiful Lakeside community of Dancing Bear Ranch. (scroll to the bottom for a brief overview the basic guidelines) Please take your time...click on the links above for our updated list of LAND FOR SALE, property plats, maps of the community, HOMES FOR SALE, and so much more. We are on stand-by to schedule your ranch tour and look forward to introducing you to some show stopping settings for your new hill country custom home. PLEASE NOTE: Dancing Bear is a gated community. Schedule your appointment today to gain access. Text 830-719-1629. Friendly reminder... Jeans &amp; Boots are a wise choice! :-) (please note: all prices subject to change without notice, contact agent to confirm current lot pricing and availability) THANK YOU FOR VISITING DANCING BEAR RANCH!<br>